Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #17 Anime Review

With the Legend of Legendary Heroes, every episode feels like we're jumping into the middle of different series. Going from one to the next, at least on a weekly basis, seems like there's little real continuity. The latest episode doesn't come across as picking up well after the previous one, but part of it is that the endings of each episode are rather uninteresting as well, leaving you to not really carry one to the next. The show has a lot going for it with its disparate story arcs, but even after seventeen episodes it still has not gelled together well to create an engaging series.

With this episode, Ryner and Milk have gone missing and there's an effort on to figure out what's going on since he is an Alpha Stigma and you can't leave the kind of power out there without some idea of what's going on. Naturally, Ferris is set to the task of finding him along with a few people that Milk works with in order for Sion to know exactly what's going on. While that track plays out, there's also another storyline going on with Kiefer, who I don't recall seeing for awhile, who is doing a lot of research and is getting nudged and tweaked about the state of the country and the role people play in it. It's a potentially interesting subplot to things but coming in at this stage of the series, and where she hasn't been seen significantly for a bit, and not truly since the flashback piece of any serious note, it's the kind of segment that feels out of place a bit.

Where the show continues to shine, and is really the only reason to keep watching at this point, is the action. There's one really solid and fairly lengthy action sequence in this one with some characters exposing their magical powers and using a fair bit of swordplay while set against the larger angle of small armies going up against each other. The one consistent thing in this series that makes me smile is how well they design the characters for this and the choreography for the fights themselves. It's one of the few bright shining points in the series even as the whole thing starts to feel like it's unfocused and with too many little things going on that don't connect well.

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