Yumeiro Pâtissière Professional Episode #05 Anime Review

Note: Crunchyroll has numbered this episode number 55, as if it were being numbered continuously from the first series.

Perhaps the writers were getting as tired as I was with the "run your own business" story they are focusing on, so instead, we are going to get a trip to the Sweets Kingdom. While the Spirits are doing a little song and dance number, they get a message (which Lemon's spirit can't read, since she hasn't learned to read yet...how old is she?), actually two messages. The first is from the Kingdom telling them that they have been given new powers, including the ability to come and go to the Sweets Kingdom as they please. The second message is from Andy, the Sweets Spirit who looks exactly like a miniature version of Andoh, and is friends with miniature replicas of Hanabusa (Narci) and Kashino (Kasshi). He is asking for their help in practicing for the exam.

Of course, Vanilla and Chocolat compete with each other to try out the magic that teleports you to the Sweets Kingdom. They manage to overdo it, and wind up transporting not just themselves, but also Ichigo, Lemon, Johnny and Kashino as well. We were waiting for it to happen and it finally did: Kashino meets Kasshi, and both refused to see any resemblance between them.

After discussing the possibilities on how to tackle the exam, whose theme is the Sweets Kingdom itself, Kasshi suggests that they take a tour around the famous places in the Sweets Kingdom, collecting ingredients and getting ideas. During the expedition up Mount Gelato, Kashino and Ichigo manage to become separated, which allows for the two of them to have one of those "getting closer" moments that are quite common in shoujo romances.

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