Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Episode #18 Anime Review

There are some shows that when you watch them, it sort of washes over you without leaving an impact. Nura manages to fit into this category where it feels like an empty calories kind of show. Some episodes have a bit more meat to them and something to digest, but others go through the motions without anything seemingly happening for awhile. A visit to a shrine, which is a bit important for what it symbolizes, but also time with Nura and others just hanging out with nothing going on besides making some origami cranes. It's nice, simple and has its own internal meaning, but feels terribly empty.

At the halfway mark of this episode, outside of a brief attack and one character being tossed in the hospital who will be alright eventually, there's little here to get enthused about. The time gets shifted to being spent at the shrine and understanding a bit of what's going on there to learn that she can't be healed easily by even the supposed god of healing who is simply too weak form the change of things in worship over time. It's filled with nice visuals, a sense of power and atmosphere as we get the shift to night time Rikuo to take charge of things, but even that feels like it's done weakly. The transition happens without any real notice outside of a different pan and the why of the change is left to the viewer to interpret. Which is all well and fine but there really isn't all that much rhyme or reason unless it's just that he can motivate the tengu group in a way that the Third Heir Rikuo cannot.

As the episode closes in on the main threat, it has a fair number of creepy moments with the creature that's cursed and causing a lot of trouble. The night time sequences with it are decent as it scurries about and there's some tension to it as he's threatened. Alternately, as we get towards the end, the focus on Senba's shrine with the past as we see Natsumi visiting it when she was younger, one of the few left to do so, adds a nice tender note to things. It's not that she's one of the faithful, but she's the type to keep up with things that others may fall through on simply because of the changes in how people view such shrines. It's predictable but a nice little nod towards the gods of the past, yet it just makes me want to go and watch Kamichu instead.

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