Dirty Pair: The Original TV Series Part 1 Anime DVD Review

Based on the light novels by Haruka Takachiho, who had gained fame for his work on Crusher Joe beforehand, Dirty Pair is a twenty-six episode series that simply knows how to have fun on a very destructive level. The Dirty Pair has had an awkward release over the years as we've seen one of the movies and OVAs and the sequel OVA with another team of Angels. We've also seen the very popular, if divisive, original comics by Adam Warren that took the property forward in a fun way. Those were my first real introduction to the Pair and it has left me wanting the TV series for pretty much the last twenty years. And having not seen it until now, it's definitely been worth the wait as the Dirty Pair is exactly the kind of show that's pretty much impossible to make today since it would have to take all of it so much further.

The Dirty Pair is an iconic property and for good reason. It takes some basic, core elements and makes it work so simply and easily that you almost want to throttle the people behind it. Much like watching cooks or designers on TV shows where they make it look so easy, everything here has a seamless and smooth flow to it that it leaves you feeling like the people behind it really had a blast making it. The fun and enthusiasm from the show itself is evident throughout as the girls want to enjoy their lives, do what they think is right and get out there on some dates. All of it set against a space opera background as mankind has spread out to the stars after twenty years of radical starflight travel.

The series focuses on two troubleshooters for the 3WA, the World Welfare Works Association, named Kei and Yuri. Both girls are nineteen and not what anyone would expect out of troubleshooters of this nature but the computer that handles much of what goes on behind the scenes continues to authorize them for missions and exonerates them for a lot of the fallout from how things often go wrong. What's most notable about their missions is that while they do generally complete them, the scale of destruction around it is pretty significant. Deaths are aplenty and wide scale chaos follows them. It's not always their fault, but things do seem to happen around them a lot.

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