Princess Jellyfish Episode #03 Anime Review

Princess Jellyfish has certainly been unlike other shows that have aired for awhile, though it's something that josei fans can feel very comfortable with. In terms of its approach to direction and pacing, and the general oddness of the story where it's like just a slight step to the left of everyday life, Princess Jellyfish has been very accessible, very cute and simply a lot of good quiet kind of fun. The first two episodes did a good job of setting things up and introducing the leads as well as touching a bit on what the deal is with Kuranosuke with his issues and reasons for cross dressing. Finding that life is a lot more fun as a woman likely wasn't on his expected plans though.

Unfortunately for Tsukimi, he keeps coming back to the apartment complex and that just makes life much harder for her. Kuranosuke likes the place and the people which keeps him coming back, especially since it's someplace where other people wouldn't look for him at all. The women don't like this one bit though since he's a generally social kind of guy-girl and keeps asking them all sorts of questions, which is something that they hate. When he asks the hardest question of all, what they do for a living, it reveals just how bad off they all are because they're living there on allowances given to them by their parents who come from the baby boomer generation. It paints them rather badly since they're living off of others but it gets even worse since that leads to him talking about their age. His overall summation of their situation is priceless even as they try to show that they do actually do things.

What makes this episode shine is the way that Kuranosuke tries to introduce Tsukimi to the world of make up and clothes. It's not unheard of for a number of men to know about these things than women, but for Tsukimi it's more than too much. Not only is it the taking instructions and help from him, it's seeing herself in this form, something that she really doesn't want to see. She's pushed herself mentally into viewing herself a certain way and breaking that construct doesn't do her any favors, sending her into a panic. She can't view it as a positive and instead sees it as a transformation by someone evil and can't wait to be done with it. But all it does, upon seeing how she first looks, is to set Kuranosuke even more firmly into trying to mold her into something more. The transformations across the episode are simply hilarious and the resulting views of them, both for those involved and others, only ups the ante.

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