Oh! Edo Rocket Season 1 Part 2 Anime DVD Review

The first installment of Oh! Edo Rocket left me feeling rather unsure about the whole endeavour. The mixture of the row houses and the time period with science fiction elements isn't bad, but it lacked a sort of consistency to it to make it feel natural. With it mixing in the comedy to it, it allowed them to do whatever they wanted. The first half played fairly loose with things because it also had a rather serious side to it at times which felt like an odd transition. That happens as well here, such as a bit of an uplifting scene that leads to a couple of workers happily pissing into the river only to have the Blue Sky Beast lunge out and rip them to shreds. While the first set moved between the two in a fairly awkward manner, this set spends a lot of its time on the serious side. So much so that it felt like a different show at times because it tried to move into a bit of depth with them and the motivations, such as Gin who now finds himself working and leading the Men in Black and having to do things that goes against how he feels about his friends in the row houses. Events pick up significantly when it comes to the Blue Sky Beast and Akai's relationship with it, or more specifically her, as we learn that certain situations can lead to these aliens splitting into separate bodies. While the Beast causes trouble, it can literally separate from the woman Akai is living with that he names Yu, who starts to soften a bit as he falls for him.

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