Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #18 Anime Review

With Ryner having gone missing along with a few other people of note now, Ferris is getting herself in gear to go and hunt him up. Ferris is certainly intent on getting him back since she has quite the adversarial relationship with him at this stage and there are those that are intent on holding her back as well. Watching her go through her hunt and scrounging up information makes up a good chunk of the first half of the episode and it's nicely brutal since she goes at it until she catches up with him, though you get the sense that she could easily kill him just to be done and over with things. What throws it all into chaos is the arrival of Tiir on the scene who was recently seen causing quite a lot of trouble for Claugh.

The arrival of Tiir takes things up a few notches in terms of the brutality of it all but it's all cut relatively short as when they flee from him, both Ferris and Ryner end up caught up in a large scale army attack being led by Sion. The tension is pretty good in this sequence as they standoff against each other with Sion and Tiir sparring verbally over it while Ryner listens to all of it. With Ryner essentially little more than a potentially explosive bomb ready to go off at any time as described by Tiir, it doesn't exactly sit well with him and he takes it very much to heart, being called a monster. While he's done good recently in showing others that you can survive and be happy with an alpha stigma power, there's still that core belief in himself that he's inherently not good and something that needs to be taken out of the equation. Tiir's words are far too silvery tongued for Ferris' taste since it's making an impact on his mindset.

Similar to the previous week, the really big selling point here again is not the story but the tension and action. The almost singular focus on Ryner with a healthy dose of Ferris goes a long way towards making this a very good episode in those terms. The action gets rather brutal with the bloodshed and violence but the scale it works nicely as well since we get the army factored in which adds a lot to the standoff. Tiir helps this immensely since he's cold and brutal, openly so, and uses more than just his magic abilities to cause trouble. His words dig deep into Ryner in a way that swords haven't and it's amusing to see Ferris being so forceful in trying to get him to not listen considering she's been smacking Ryner around for awhile.

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