Yumeiro Pâtissière Professional Episode #06 Anime Review

So, they only have one day to go to the remaining five places in the Sweets Kingdom that have the best ingredients. Thus, the need for speed. And the need for the writers to remind us how incredibly annoying Johnny can be, as he commandeers the magic carpet that they have to use to cross the Powder Desert. Surviving the magic carpet ride from Hell, they manage to make it through a couple more places.

The problem comes when they go to the Baum Forest. There, to gather fresh fruits, the Jerks are mistaken for the people who have been going around the Forest eating fruit and leaving the remains littered around the place. The Master of the Forest, who looks a bit like a monkey of some sort, seizes the Jerks and places them in a cell, thinking that they are the litterers. They counter that they are aspiring pâtissiers, and could never treat the fruit of the Forest so disrespectfully, but he brands them liars and refuses to hear their pleas. Ichigo and the gang come and try to reason with the Master, but he is having none of it, convinced that he is right.

Ichigo decides then that the only way to convince him is to bake something, though their lack of tools is an immediate problem. With a few adjustments and the creative use of a metal helmet, however, they manage to make a unique pound cake, one that has the flavor of the Forest itself. It takes some time to convince the Master to eat the cake, but when he does, he realizes that they are what they say they are, pâtissiers in training. He releases the Jerks from their cell, but there remains the mystery of who the fruit litterer is. That is solved when Johnny (who had disappeared earlier, pretending to be Tarzan) reappears with the real criminal: the Master of the Forest's grandson, who was constantly hungry from not having enough snacks.

And so, the Jerks are released, though now it is too late to visit the Egg Village before the day is over. So, next episode, we can expect a trip to that place. No guess as to what ingredient will be found there.

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