Squid Girl Episode #05 Anime Review

This episode kicks off at an amusing point where I was just having a discussion on how American characters are portrayed in anime. Unless they're in a serious SF oriented piece, they're typically goofy, push and outlandish. Which is a well earned perception based on experience to be sure. Squid Girl plays with that a bit as well as an American researcher has come to the beach to find her, thinking she's an alien, and is excited beyond words at finding her. And ready to take her back to the lab for lots of experiments. Cindy' doesn't break any boundaries but it is amusing that she and Squid Girl go back and forth about her origins. So much so that Cindy's actually able to convince her that she's an alien, which leads to Squid Girl hitting several alien parodies that are pretty damn amusing. Strangely, Cindy sort of disappears rather easily from the episode not long afterwards, but that may be a big plus.

Just as much fun is when school starts up again and Squid Girl gets quite interested in all of it. Well, after she realizes that it's not a big cosplay event. She wants to get in on this since it sounds like fun from what she knows of it and there's even the possibility of learning things useful to taking over the world. With her getting in there before it opens, her exploration of the school is priceless as she views it as a big place devoted to all sorts of military operations of sorts and everything has a way of fitting into that. Her naïve nature and lack of understanding makes it for a very fun fish out of water kind of gag where it hits up so many little points to such good effect that it makes you grin throughout it. I particularly loved the portrayal of the principal since it harkens back to the ones of yore, a very recurrent theme to this series.

Where Squid Girl absolutely delights however is in the third act of the episode. The whole idea is about Eiko having found a bottle with a tiny Squid Girl in it that doesn't talk all that much but is more simple, if such a thing can be true. Taking her home and putting her in a fish tank, it's an adorable piece that has her raising a tiny Squid Girl that's very much like a pet. It's all done with only a few words here and there and mostly by music and simple playfulness. Squid Girl really shines in this segment as everything is monstrously big to her but she gets into all of it, even as some of the cute things from the series so far comes into play to mock and torment her. She's the kind of pet that you'd want to have and enjoy, so seeing her going through this kind of silly experience really is highly enjoyable.

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