Samurai Girls Episode #06 Anime Review

With a show like this, I was very much expecting some sort of beach episode to arrive but I was more curious as to the how of it. That part is rather amusing as Sen indicates to Muneakira that the secrets they're looking for, the ones that could paint the picture of what her older brother is up to, may be located on a computer in his beach residence that he visits every now and then. So Sen decides that she and Muneakira will head there to check it out, though she's more packed for a full on vacation than anything else and he's the perfect pack mule. Of course, these two can't get out of their residence without alerting the others, which means they aren't going to get to go with just the two of them. Cause what a beach episode needs is more women who don't seem to care for clothes that much.

Naturally, a good deal of this episode focuses on the actual fun at the beach. And that means swimsuits of all kinds and a lot of trouble for Muneakira even if he doesn't realize it. Any time he spends with one will have the rest thinking that what they're wearing is what he likes. There's a nice bit of variety here that's fairly well themed for each, but in the end they're all naturally attractive. On the plus side, there is the surprising outright admittance during the start of the first real fight that the reason they're fighting is because of him. Something that Muneakira doesn't quite get at first, but when you have the whole kiss episode earlier combined with this it just goes to all kind of amusing places, such as his talk of marriage and even the really amusing (and only) way to resolve all the tensions is a group marriage.

While the actual investigation side does get a bit of lipservice with a scene showing Sen trying to discover what she can about the 'Great shadow' that will overtake Japan, the episode is by and large plain silly sexy fun. The various girls all get into different kinds of fights over Muneakira and other issues and there's even a hilarious scene involving Muneakira getting into the men's bath only to have Hanzo drop in from above when she can't hold out any longer and stay in place. Her dream sequence before she falls is dirty anime at its best, but it all moves things forward to a time when, for reasons best left not diagnosed, a giant squid style shikigami arrives and causes widespread issues for the girls, both of a serious and naughty nature. What continues to impress though is that Muneakira doesn't just stand by impotently when the girls start fighting each other but rather he puts them in their place. It's not the first time and each he does it I like him even more as a character. It's a nice change from the usual pliant and easily manipulated male leads we get.

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