Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #06 Anime Review

It seems the Chokijin showed up again somewhere, and may have battled the strange monsters that we saw with them last time. Thus Archibald learns from one of his DC operatives who was sent out to investigate. The Chokijin, however, are long gone, leaving nothing behind but pillars of salt (how biblical).

Meanwhile, on the Hagane, Arado has finally awakened. As he opens his eyes, he sees something big in front of him. Leaving Excellen aside, Latooni is there, looking worried, though also relieved that he is still alive. The Captain and his senior staff debate what to do with Arado, but Major Kai seems to have a suggestion. Arado and Latooni at least are reconnecting, as the bond between survivors of The School seems to be rather strong.

Off elsewhere, Seolla is being brainwashed by Dr. Setme to forget about Arado, or Bronze 28 as her conditioner calls him. It would seem that here we see the truth of things: it is not Latooni who needs to be liberated from the "evil" Federation, it is Seolla who needs to be freed from the Divine Crusaders, who appear to believe that any means, no matter who gets hurt or how, are justified in achieving their ends. While it is said that you can't judge a book by its cover, the appearance of Dr. Aguila Setme reminds most of the Wicked Witch of the West, the original version, and I highly doubt that it was anything other than deliberate.

Interestingly, Arado's "imprisonment" and fair treatment by the Federation people is throwing our android spy Lamia into a strange mode of thinking. She finds it odd that Major Kai wants to treat him as a human being and not a guinea pig, as he was at The School. Perhaps she sees how they way they are treating him as quite different from what she expected. Thus, she even finds herself, oddly, speaking up for him as others question whether he is a spy or not. She reminds herself, however, that such thoughts are at odds with her mission, of which we have only the vaguest ideas for the moment. Unless something very strange happens, it is clear that she is going to do something very bad to the Federation when she is finally called upon to do it.

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