Rainbow Episode #20 Anime Review

With Joe's story having come to a close, things move in an interesting direction. The amount of yakuza and thugs involved in the music industry is no surprise but what resulted from Joe's arc is that he's back at square one but he has his sister in his life. That leaves us with one young man who now finds himself with a new possibility opening up for his life. When Turtle, Mario and Cabbage go to make mild amends and step away from the yakuza world, they're made the offer to join up since they're good kids who have some gumption to them that's not seen all that often in the streets these days. While Mario and Turtle are quick to get out, you can see the appeal of it to Cabbage who sees it as a manly world he can enter and do good in.

While I don't think Cabbage has really been portrayed as the slow witted type, and he's not really going that route here, he's the one without a real dream it seems at a time when everyone else is moving on with theirs. The appeal of joining up with the Fukomoto gang is big to him since it would give him a path, something he sorely lacks. Scam and Turtle do a decent job of trying to show him another path, mostly in using scams and the like, but it's not a world that really fits for Cabbage and his personality. They really couldn't make him feel more out of place with it without going over the top and taking some of the reality out of the show. And while you don't want to see any of the boys really turn to a life of crime and criminal activity after what they've suffered through, it's an area where you can see Cabbage really taking root in.

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