The World God Only Knows Episode #06 Anime Review

The introduction of Kanon in the previous episode didn't exactly offer up any surprises as we got the whole idol with a loose soul component in her story going. Kanon for her part is fairly predictable with her issues and she takes up the challenge of trying to get Keima to really recognize her when he's very dismissive of flesh and blood idols. His interest in virtual idols is amusing since it is a slow but growing trend and some of what he indicates about their superiority certainly has its merits, and has been explored at length in anime series of the past. With her seeming disappearance at the end of the last episode dealt with at the start, as she's transparent now and not gone, the episode focuses more on Kanon's past instead since she's able to get back on with things.

What isn't a surprise is that a lot of what Kanon deals with is her need to be paid attention to at least on some level. When she does a gig at the local TV station and performs her latest upcoming release single, she gets very thrown off when she see someone in the crowd using their cel phone rather than paying attention to her. It's so noticeable that even Elsie sees it and wonders what the deal is. Kanon has such a need to be given full attention when she performs, and even when she's just going through other things in her normal life, that when someone doesn't during a big moment, it really gets under her skin. That speaks a lot for her personality and some issues she's going to have to face.

Kanon's past and the things that haunt her, with friends and the group she was part of previously in which she can became the star over the others, is the crux of her issue. There are some nice scenes that highlights her back story (which Keima points out in a very self aware way) while he slowly manipulates things to get the end result he wants with her. Kanon has become quite reclusive in her own way since that previous group broke up and her friends disappeared, and not being able to win over Keima when she needs to feel that she can do that with everyone pushes her to the state she's in. It's a slightly odd situation where we watch Keima do his thing to help her and get her back on track, but I'm hard pressed to really find what it is that Keima has done to turn Kanon around and bring her back to reality. Granted, it's all tied up in the game he's playing (with an amusing wrapper around it for playing in the bath) so there's hints to be had there. But as a multi part story, this one feels weak and overdrawn.

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