Naruto: Shippuden Episode #185 Anime Review

Way, way back in the distant past, I have a vague recollection of a bad time in the Naruto storytelling world where they had a period focused on an ostrich that had escaped and Naruto and the others had to deal with it. Or perhaps I'm confusing Naruto with other shows that have dealt with an ostrich. Sadly, that's not narrowing it down since a number of shows have done ostrich gags of one sort or another over the years that you can't really just say it's from any particular show. That said, the writing team has managed to scrape the absolute bottom of the barrel for the latest filler story.

Though I have to admit, in watching just the first couple of minutes, I liked the way that Rock is basically presented as an overly hyper ADD character that can't stop moving. You really want to slap him even more than usual. Anyway, as the episode progresses about some pointless story about the ostrich, it has the old gang together trying to do their darndest to' capture the ostrich. And while that is truly awful enough in itself, they actually have the gall to provide a quick bit involved a boxing kangaroo going up against Rock. And making matters even worse, as the ostrich named Condor becomes the first true Ninja Ostrich, we get to hear dialogue from said ostrich. The others can't understand him, thank goodness, but we get subjected to it. I'd almost say the episode would be slightly more bearable if we couldn't understand him. I really did not need to her an ostrich making ninja grunting and attacking noises. Not in the slightest.

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