Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episode #07 Anime Review

Panty & Stocking are spending all of their free time fighting each other, and Brief has decided it's time to put a stop to it. His solution? To wish upon a falling star that they'll see sense and begin to live in peace again. Said shooting star then crashes into the church, triggering an epic battle between the girls - who have taken on forms that you may find familiar. Later, Panty & Stocking extravagant spending catches up to them when Garterbelt decides they need to learn how to pay their own way, forcing the girls to take on part-time jobs. You can just imagine what Panty ends up doing, but even then, it's no easy job for them - until they discover the joys of gambling...

We're back to two segments this week, and while before there was usually a good segment and a not-so-good one, this week I was grinning from ear to ear the whole way through, with a good few laugh-out-loud moment thrown in for good measure. The first segment sets its sights squarely on Transformers, and sees Panty and Stocking transformed into giants robots so that they may fight a pointless war against each other. Now, I managed to get through my early years without discovering the Transformers cartoons so don't have the knowledge of it or attachment to it that many other people my age would have, so I'll admit there are things going on in this segment that I probably completely miss, but even then the segment has plenty going for it. The gags come thick and fast, and without having to resort so heavily to the usual Panty & Stocking style. There are a few other little homages to other shows thrown in as well (I swear I saw a Homer-bot in there at one point), so it's worth keeping your eyes peeled. Add in an altered version of the girls' transformation sequence with Panty in robot mode, and it's all good.

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