Samurai Girls Episode #07 Anime Review

Samurai Girls doesn't exactly deviate much from a certain realm of predictability since it is just an action harem show, simply in a really neat setting with some great visuals. With the seventh episode of the series, Naoe now finds herself living with the rest of them and doing her best to become a part of the group. Her presence isn't exactly welcome but there's enough positive about her, especially with Jubei excited to have someone new in the residence, that it all sort of just works out with less talking. It also doesn't hurt that Sen is now a master samurai so she's got some skills to back it all up.

With the retrieval of information from the vacation house, it's really not a surprise that there isn't all that much truly useful in there in a way since it's recorded with the voice of someone who is not Sen's brother. Yet it is someone that Jubei knows, she just doesn't know who, she just knows that the voice is familiar to her. With her having few useful memories in general, it's definitely a help but one that does lead to the usual gags and punch lines at Jubei's expense. Not that she really realizes it, which is thankfully part of her charm. Watching how the group has formed is an area where it hasn't deviated from the norm, but it's the style through which they do it that makes this work as well as it does.

While the episode does spend some time on a nice bit of reflection on a young Sen, it's more focused on a surprise shadowy attack on everyone late into the evening, which means their guard is down and some are in the bath. Always bathing. Not that I'm complaining. With some in the group already down for the count, the action is pretty nicely done but it's all geared towards one thing, and that's to get Hanzo set up to become a master samurai as well as she's the only one who can target the enemy because of the weather conditions. It's an amusing turn of events, but I liked that they kept it serious for the most part with the humor because of the situation, rather than making jokes and being light about it. It keeps to the serious nature of what's happening and reflects that these are skilled women in combat, even if they are damn sexy and show it off.

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