Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #31-32 Anime Review

Sylvette's doll-making seems to be getting her some attention - she's received a fan letter from a girl named M Croce, asking her to make a doll that looks like her that she can give to her brother when he leaves his hometown to work in a coal mine. Sylvette hurries to make the doll, and after spending all night completing it heads out the next morning to deliver it, while Lag tags along to make sure that nothing happens to her. Sylvette's all-nighter has taken its toll, though, and they both end up falling asleep on the carriage they've taken - and by the time they wake up, they've travelled far past the town they were meant to get off at, and someone's stolen the doll.Later, "Noir" - Gauche, to you and me - is been spotted up in the frozen northern reaches of Yodaka, and Largo Lloyd feels that the sighting is important enough to require investigation. Lag is ordered to travel to the area and to find out what Noir is up to, and he heads there with Niche and Steak. Near the sighting area he discovers a shell of what appears to be a giant gaichuu, as well as a used cartridge that Noir left behind. Eager to learn what had happened, Lag fires his shindan into one of the spent cartridges.

We're getting to the stage of the series where I'd normally complain loudly about yet another detour from the show's main story '" Tegami Bachi wastes quite enough time on sidestories as it is '" but somehow when it's a combination of Sylvette and cross-dressing criminals it doesn't seem so bad. Surprisingly, we get to see Sylvette being something of an action-girl '" she can get up quite some turn of speed on that wheelchair - and while it's really nothing more than a bit of comic filler, it's good comic filler, and gets no complaints from me.

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