Yumeiro Pâtissière Professional Episode #07 Anime Review

It's on to the final stage of the trip, to the Egg Home. It's a rather elaborate structure suspended in the middle of a rift valley that looks like a giant Faberge egg. Inside, there isn't really all that much to see, but the gang meets the Director of the Egg Home, who agrees to show them where the high quality eggs needed for making sweets are. They get a tour of the place, though Kasshi is impatient and just wants the eggs and then go. But the Director wants to show them the other important function that the Egg Home has for the Kingdom. In a special lower chamber, the Chamber of Trials, couples who wish to have a child must walk across a bridge to an uninhabited island, spend a week facing danger together, and then come back and pray to the Egg God for an egg of their own. It would appear that Sweets Spirits are born from eggs.

Of course, not every couple is blessed by the Egg God even if they survive the trial. So, it takes a lot of love to have a child. Cue the Very Special Episode music. Afterward, the Egg Director gives the Jerks a basket of his best eggs for making sweets, and the whole gang, having learned a very special lesson, returns home. The Jerks then go off and prepare for the exam tomorrow, while the gang do...nothing. Though there is one last surprise. During the past couple days, there has been someone tailing the group, but not in an evil way. This person has even been providing them with vegetables at times. Who is this mysterious spirit? (We know it is a spirit, since the wings were once visible).

It was Kasshi's mother who has been tailing them the whole time, watching after the group and providing them with extra supplies. It's now revealed that she managed to convince the Master of the Forest to taste the cake when they were in trouble in the Baum Forest. She provided them with vegetables, and even just now was there to deliver a nice soup for the Jerks. His mother wants him to pass the exam, but did not want to put any pressure on him, which is why she has been quietly supporting him from the shadows.

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