Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #07 Anime Review

We start with the ATX Team coming to Dukedom of Riksent in the Mediterranean, where Princess Shine greets them. Why they are there, who these people are, I'm sure we'll be told later.

But first, a flashback. 23 hours earlier (why 23?), Nanbu is recalling the battle that he had with Captain Axel, who called him Beowulf, the name he called his opponent in the first episode. Nanbu is wondering who the pilot of the blue Special Unit was. His reverie is interrupted by Lamia, who informs him that Major Kai wants to see him in the briefing room. For some reason, Nanbu asks Lamia if she knows who the pilot of the mysterious enemy trooper was, and she says no (even though she does know). She asks, however, why Nanbu asked her. "Intuition." This worries Lamia.

And now, with Major Kai's briefing, we learn why the ATX Team is in Riksent: an important meeting of Federation leaders is being held there, and the ATX Team is going to help provide security. It also appears that Raidiese Branstein was invited because the Princess wanted him here (I'm sure the backstory for this is in the games or in the Divine Wars anime). The Princess' personal attendant, Lord Ridal, informs Raidiese that the Princess has had a bad premonition about something happening at the conference, and so Raidiese tells him that he'll be happy to be her security escort. Of course, there's a ball on for the night, and Nanbu, Excellen, Latooni and Raidiese are shown to the elaborate Changing Room to get suited up in formal attire.

Back about the Shirogane, Major Kai and the other personal trooper pilots are speaking with Ryoto at Mao Industries, discussing the disquieting fact that the "Whiskey" group they encountered had units that were similar to the R-Blades, which should be impossible, since the R-Blades are only prototypes at this point. Lamia is listening outside, and notes how those inside are almost guessing correctly about the enemy's origins. In the meantime, Nanbu and Excellen are watching the outside activities (it seems she preferred to leave the party inside to Latooni and Raidiese). While you can tell that Excellen would rather have some fun (and she sure is dressed for it), Nanbu starts thinking of work, work, work. He wonders why only he and Excellen could hear the voices of the strange creatures back when they saw the Chokijin. The only explanation he has, the link that he and Excellen have is "the accident" (again, an incident from the earlier show or games).

Inside, Princess Shine is speaking with Latooni complementing her on her dress (some odd looking concoction) when Lord Ridal and Raidiese come in. Their entrance, however, is interrupted when Shine suddenly faints forward, in some sort of psychic trance (apparently, she doesn't just have premonitions, she appears to be psychic), talking about blood and flames. That doesn't sound good. And it's not. As the clock strikes seven, an explosion is heard and the DC forces, under Maj. Archibald Grims is there with a group of thugs, planning on kidnapping the Princess for ransom. While Raidiese and Latooni try to hold off the enemy, Grims suddenly appears, and unfortunately he has otherworldly help. Strange looking either suits or robotic units of some sort, with the ability to deflect bullets and move at lightning speed appear out of nowhere (they were cloaked) and disarm Raidiese. Right when things look like they are in a pinch, suddenly they get help from Maj. Gilliam. They run to a balcony, with Grims thinking that he has the advantage.

But at that moment, Gilliam leaps off the balcony and into a waiting Gespent unit that he had hidden inside of the castle grounds. Grims can only stand and admire the "craziness" of some in the Federation Army. Crazy like a fox, of course. Though the escape is not easy, as Gilliam and his Gespent are not able to take on a squad of DC personal troopers that now appear over the ocean, blocking their escape route. Things look grim when, of course, the cavalry arrives, as Excellen comes to the rescue. Still, they are outnumbered, and Excellen may have more than she can handle. Of course, Nanbu is not far behind, using the new Gespent that he was given in place of his currently damaged unit. Since there's no time like the present, he decides that he might as well try out his Ultimate Gespent Kick, which is done with the expected over the top flourishes and yelled out attack name, resulting in one of the DC units being completely destroyed. As if things couldn't get any more hectic, there is suddenly a large beam to be seen in the sky. An attack from outside the atmosphere appears to have been launched. It would appear that the aliens have decided to launch their attack.

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