Young & Tight Anime Review

When it comes to themes in compilations, Adult Source Media has had a bit of mixed luck. Their Bound to Please series has the right idea but lacks a lot of really good themed material for it. The chance to go with certain types is an easy option, such as teachers, but ASM has opted to go with something a bit more open ended with this one by making sure that at least one of those involved in each scene is at least young and/or tight. Similar to Bound to Please, it really comes down to the problem of having enough good material to tie it all together.

The hour long show does start off with some promise as it has a rather tender and enjoyable scene between two young lovers but it's cut short and feels like it's a clip of a clip in that way. It does set up expectations of the rest of the show based on that, which are quickly dashed as it deals with a SF oriented piece instead with a group scene involving some very red members. Various types of censorship over the years in Japan has lead to very amusing ways of circumventing or it playing with it and this aspect always cracks me up. Familiar material is definitely in force here again as well, especially with a particular show about hypnotizing fellow students for nefarious reasons. This clip actually feels off because it looks like it should be widescreen but is instead scrunched up into a full screen mode. It's a full screen show though which makes the whole thing even more unusual since it can only be chalked up to the actual designs looking scrunched.

There's a fair bit of variety to the show and you get some good stuff with weaker things and it helps that they've been able to dip into the Critical Mass library a bit of clips since that adds a bit more variety than what we would see otherwise. Some of it is a bit crueler than others and some scenes feature really appealing animation and character designs, though when they skew young you have to be a bit wary of them being too young looking. A lot of the show really comes down to what you're looking for at any given time in this kind of theme as the eleven or so scenes here are all fairly different and offer scenes and themes that could strike your fancy one day but not the next. The darker scenes tended to be a bit more awkward within this, but the show had a mis-step early on with the wacky/goofy SF kind of scene which threw off the whole feel of it.

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