Shiki Episode #16 Anime Review

The return of Natsuno at the end of the previous episode certainly wasn't a shock, but you had to wonder about the when and how of it. His coming back offers a potentially different take on how things will progress in this part of the series since he may try to buck the nature of what he is now rather than give in since he was more aware of it going into it than others. His potential path is certainly interesting whereas we've seen others like his friend give in to the life they've been presented with while even understanding that all they're doing is sinning. The lives they wanted have disappeared from them and those who have gone before are making sure they follow a familiar path rather than looking for another way.

Shiki starts to explore a bit more of the Kanemasa group as well this time around, with Toru being the catalyst for it. Because of his hate of what's going on, Sunako has called him to the mansion to talk to him and that has him very nervous. Usually those that are called there of the shiki find themselves punished or destroyed. Yet Sunako offers him a tale of her own past as a way of getting him to understand things, while also telling him that if he does find this life too painful, and hates his ways so much now, that he should direct it at himself even more so he can kill himself. It's an interesting approach to watch as it's a way of making sure only the committed really stay alive in this form and exist. Sunako has had the creepiest of appearances so far and that doesn't change when we get to know her past more and how she's lived this life since becoming one of them.

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