Sora No Otoshimono Forte Episode #08 Anime Review

Unsurprisingly, manipulation is the name of the game in Sora no Otoshimono Forte as events are now tricking Ikaros into crushing and destroying Nymph. The maneuvers to destroy the first generation of angeloids is going ahead fairly well, but even Ikaros isn't quite able to do it since she just tosses her far away. It's bad enough in itself, especially in that Ikaros can't tell that it's not really Tomoki, but the whole cycle of events is crushing for Nymph. She's fought hard to not be considered just a pile of junk but it keeps being reinforced over and over to her. But all she wants to do is to help save Ikaros yet she doesn't even have wings. It's overly dramatic, but it's fitting with what Nymph has gone through.

This kind of drama is par for the course with this episode though as we see the angeloids struggling over what they are and their place in the world. Nymph highlights the feelings rather well when she talks about not having dreams and her lack of wings, and even Astrea is moved by it though it doesn't stop her from following through on her orders. With her really only being recently added to Tomoki's world and lifestyle, she's found it to be really enticing, but her ties to the other world are still far stronger and she's unable to break away from the tasks given to her. Her struggle has been apparent from almost the start of her introduction to the series and it comes to a good head here, especially as she's more powerful than most of the others yet more child-like in how she express herself.

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