Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #20 Anime Review

The Legend of Legendary Heroes ramps things up well with this episode when it comes to the one thing it really does best at this point, and that's the moody and atmosphere middle of the night battles. That the episode opens on two of them only highlights this all the more, some Miran is forced down into a retreat over the disappearance of Milk, of which he's responsible for, and another where Ryner is being attacked by someone from Roland. Both scenes are far too short overall at the start but they highlight just what has made the show bearable to watch at times. Because when it comes to plot, I'm not quite sure it really makes any sense at this point as they've made it so haphazard and hard to follow, or just plain nonsensical, that I don't think we're supposed to care.

Thankfully, Ferris makes her way back in this episode where she finds Ryner. And that moment alone, with him on the ground and her boot on his neck, reminds us once more of why their relationship should have been more of the basis of the series as they're so well paired. The two back in action together is welcome and they have a fair bit to deal with this time around as Tiir and the others in the house they're hiding out in get attacked by someone from Gastark, This ends up putting quite the strain on Ryner since it starts him down the path of more angst as his internal battle with himself causes him to want to end it all, where he's fighting against a darkened version of himself that wants to just end everything on the outside if he can get rid of this part of his personality.

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