Squid Girl Episode #07 Anime Review

With the show having introduced Nagisa a few episodes ago, she hasn't been used all too much outside of a couple of times. She returns for this episode as well where she spends some time with Squid Girl and her 'foster family' in order to figure out what's really going on. While Eiko and the others are pretty much realizing how little of a threat Squid Girl is, Nagisa sees her as a real problem and is worried for everyone. So much so that she even spends the night there to see what she does, which is pretty amusing as she's basically a teenager in how she acts. The whole thing sets Nagisa and Squid Girl against each other even more, making the time between them even more fun even if Nagisa can't quite seem to grasp why. Nagisa hasn't been the best character in the series but her role as observer here has some mild enjoyment.

I find myself feeling similar about Takeru and his interactions with Squid Girl. Whereas Goro the lifeguard is more familiar with her and the two of them trade things back and forth a bit, Takeru is dealing with that whole servant angle and does whatever he can to please Squid Girl. She's doing her best to build up her servants and even manages to get Cindy to join in, though it's all for scientific research since she wants to understand what she really is. The whole lab experience is a lot of fun, but I really wanted to see Cindy follow through and lick Squid Girl's feet like she told her to do. The whole alien angle is a bit of fun and the show takes it to an extreme direction, at least in the confines of this laid back show, with the research facility that they set up. It's amusing and you want to see them get more involved.

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