Cross Game Episode #33 Anime Review

Akane's arrival has certainly lead to complications right from the get go as people have been surprised by her appearance, especially where Aoba's father runs across her by accident in the previous episode. His shock at her appearance really says a lot about how people will perceive her for a bit, though she's largely unaware of it all. What makes matters more complicated is that Akane really seems to like Aoba and even says plainly that someone like Aoba is what she always wanted out of a younger sister that she never had. Even Azuma realizes how difficult and complicated this will make things when he hears her saying that since she wants to give Aoba a gift. When Akane is told what's gone on in the past, it isn't outright said but Akane gets a bit of a clue about the perceptions people are having.

Just this bit of information does allow Akane to start figuring out more of what's going on. There's a great moment of clarity that comes when Senda arrives on the scene and sees Akane putting a bandaid on Akaishi's finger. Senda goes right for the obvious and says why people are interested in this girl and then asks Akane if she is that girl. Senda's approach is the fun of the oblivious but it gets something out into the open that definitely needs to be so as to avoid a lot of pointless drama/comedy situations for a bit. Allowing Akane to really understand why everyone is so touchy around her to some extent, so uncertain and staring at other times, lets her start to cope with it while also potentially giving her the chance to really stand out on her own and make her presence what it really is. You don't want to be defined by someone else, but there's also that possibility that it will let you get closer to people you like in a way you couldn't otherwise.

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