Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Episode #07 Anime Review

As the series has progressed, it's been refreshing that the villain group of the series wit Arsene and her friends aren't in every episode as the foil to be dealt with. They've spent time dealing with other issues while the villains were all basically hanging around doing their day jobs or dealing with other things if seen at all. So when you have an episode like this where Holmes and her friends head off to the beach for the day and you see the thieves there, it doesn't strain things anywhere near as much because they're not constantly running into each other. A one off like this every now and then is certainly far more believable.

Fun at the beach is equally believable for this group as they're essentially kids who want to have a good time. But the first half of the episode is pretty relaxed for the most part as they go through some of the basics such as fishing for some great fresh food, making sandcastles and smashing watermelons. With Arsene herself as the teacher spending her time relaxing on the lounge, she gets to soak things up and take some time off while getting close to the kids. But it's part of a larger plan where she hangs out with them when they head into a cave to get away from the rain and they search for the mysterious treasure of Baskerville. Using them as a front line group in order to search out the treasure makes sense since depending on what it really is, they may be oblivious to it and the gentleman thieves can swipe it without issue.

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