Initial D Stage 1 Part 2 Anime DVD Review

Revisiting the first season of Initial D after so many years, and after watching the third and fourth stages recently, really has been a great experience. The second half of this season moves us through a few more races, races that continue to challenge Takumi, which is slowly but surely forging him as a gifted and talented street racer. The races we get in this set really start to expand the world of street racing, but we also get some solid character development pieces as well for not just Takumi but some of the others as well. Takumi's races cover a bit of variety here and it all leads up the very important race that does show just how far Takumi has come and how amazing his gift really is. After his victory of both Keisuke and Nakazato in the first set, Takumi has more and more challengers coming out of the woodwork. The challenge that carries over from the first set is with Shingo who gets creative with how he wants to take down Takumi, doing something that will really embarrass him. A duct tape death match isn't exactly what you'd expect, but it's something that feels very in character for Shingo since he wants to make such a striking statement. The race is one of the more creative ones in the series, but it's also one that feels like it's pushing the limits a bit. It's an interesting challenge for Takumi since he agrees to it without thinking it through and has to cope with that realization in a bad way.

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