Xam'd Collection 1 DVD Review

The series introduces the viewer into a world at war. Two world powers are fighting each other though the residents of Sentan Island largely are directly unaffected by the war in their day to day lives. Additionally for the main character Akiyuki he also has to deal with a cold war of sorts being waged among his parents. Life largely is peaceful for the young lad until he performs an act of charity to help out a young girl. Unfortunately this act puts him at the center of a terrorist attack that injures many of his school mates and leaves him with him infected with a spirit that turns him into a creature called a human form weapon. During this initial period a military group invades to contain the weapon using their own human form weapon that they have cultivated. The two powerful beings wage war with each other until the arrival of a young woman named Nakiami.  The woman saves Akiyuki from being turned into stone and returns with him to the postal ship she calls home to try to train Akiyuki in the hope he can make peace with the creature now sharing his body so they can both live rather than be turned to stone. The postal ship is commanded by a stern woman of no small temper who is not interested in having a free loader on board and puts Akiyuki to work where he learns he will be stuck for the next six months training with Nakiami. While this is going on his friend Haru tries to discover what has happened to him as she was rendered unconscious right after the human form fight. As she bounces between his concerned parents she reveals a level of her caring for Akiyuki. After the attack the military has closed down transportation on the island and Haru and Akiyuki’s other friend Furuichi join the military. Haru joins in the hope that she can chase after Akiyuki whereas Furuichi joins for his own reasons but with a dedication and drive Haru doesn’t understand. Their training will teach them to fight human form weapons and also give some insight into their development. These experiences will play a large role in their development and may wind up changing them in ways they can’t even guess at from the start. What this means for their and Akiyuki’s relationship will slowly be revealed and may lead to another level of conflict between friends.

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