Birdy the Mighty: Decode Part 1 Anime DVD Review

Based off of the seinen manga reboot of Birdy the Mighty, which was originally a shonen property, Birdy the Mighty: Decode is a two season (13 episodes and twelve episodes) series of which we get the first season here. Directed by one of my favorites with Kazuki Akane for A-1 Pictures and Aniplex, the series takes a rather basic storyline and wraps it up in some great looking animation and a plot that focuses more on investigation, mystery and politics with a good dose of action rather than an action monster of the week angle. It also manages to use a few creative tricks in order to make the duality of the main characters in a fun and engaging way. The series offers up an interesting take in these thirteen episodes as we're introduced to Birdy, nicknamed the Berserker Killer, who works for the Space Police Federation as one of its investigators. She's a skilled and well known investigator but her latest mission has her chasing a criminal who ends up on Earth because of an accident she's involved with. The opening focuses on her investigation into Geega who she's pursuing as she spends her days as a magazine model in order to make money go get the food she needs because of the amount of energy she burns. While we see how she's adapting, we're introduced to the human cast in high school student Tsutomu, who is a pretty good kid that's just now living on his own since his parents are relocating for a short term job change. His older sister, who isn't in school, checks on him once in awhile but isn't the continual presence you'd expect.

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