The World God Only Knows Episode #08 Anime Review

Taking a bit of a diversion from larger issues for a bit, particularly necessary after what felt like an overly long arc involving Kanon, The World God Only Knows goes for a bit of fun with this episode. Of course, before it gets to the fun, it has to get smutty as it shows Chihiro spending her time lounging in the bath and taking a shower, lamenting a little bit over her son. As we see her covered in water and looking quite alluring, a demonic presence is inching ever closer to her from the outside. It's not a surprising juxtaposition, but you pretty much wish we had the monsters point of view instead of what we ended up with.

A good part of the episode does have a good bit of fun as Elsie is chided by Keima about her seeming lack of ability in general. With the way he views the world, the annoying character should minimize the issue of being annoying by having a really good talent or trait that makes up for it. So Elsie tries to figure out what she can do to show him that she has some use and has a reason to be around. She ends up taking to baking so she can make him a cake that will totally wow him. It's a surprisingly cute musical montage piece that goes totally awry when the creature from before, the mandragon, arrives and wants to eat everything up. Along with the large batch of monster eggs that suddenly hatch around her because she had the heat on too high for cooking. Going from a really cute moment to something more sinister works well since Elsie's personality can change on a dime

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