Glass Mask Episode #28 Anime Review

After learning of the root cause of her mother's death, and still very much coping with it after she put on such a sad and tragic performance for her, Maya is wallowing in sadness at this point. Hayami's search for her has him discovering that she's spent the night on a beach with strangers, drinking and passing out there. It goes so badly that she misses the opening of the new play, which allows for the understudy to step in with Norie taking the role she's coveted for so long. Her transformation is definitely interesting though not surprising as she's been playing a devious game from the start in order to gain fame.

Maya's fall has certainly been hard and while she knows she shouldn't have done certain things with it, she can't help how she feels even if she let down quite a lot of people. What's happened though is that because Norie got such rave reviews and has garnered a lot of press, she's losing her status within the company. She has her supporters still and there's a lot of love for her, but events have spiraled out of their control and Maya has to try and get back into gear with it. Though she may not want to do so to some degree, she's under contract so she has no choice about it. And at the same time, acting is very much in Maya's blood and she can't be away from the stage to long before it calls her back.

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