Hetalia: World Series Episode #31-34 Anime Review

Hetalia hasn't spent too much time with China this season so getting him for a bit is definitely fun, especially as it's during the period of discovery for them as they're getting all around the world. China's explorations, on 'unnecessarily huge vessels,' is amusing since they get around a lot and see a lot of sights. But they also bring back a lot of animals for the country to see and delight over, including a giraffe which seems to be a particular favorite. And understandably so since there's really nothing else like it out there. It's cute to see how China is about all of it and then to have that particular episode capped off with another Nekotalia piece where the relationship between Germany and Austria is simply too adorable. Germany is frustrated in just about every form it seems.

One of my favorite characters continues to be Sealand simply because of how it was created and the whole history of it, which this show got me to look at more. The character here is in a way far pushier and more annoying than most any other since he wants to be liked but hasn't a clue how to really do it. He's pretty out there with it and you can see how much he frustrates everyone else which explains why they ignore him. Italy is still my all time favorite though and these episodes have fun with him. Particularly when he ends up capturing England by accident and puts him in prison. There's a whole raft of jokes in there about Italian prisons based on what we know of Italy and England certainly makes the most of it. Italy and his older brother are just far too much fun to watch as they cope with this situation.

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