Princess Jellyfish Episode #06 Anime Review

Moving to the halfway mark this this episode, Princess Jellyfish continues to play with some interesting and surprising areas. Kuranosuke's game of dress up with the Sisterhood has gone off very well and he's really changed their appearances significantly while boosting their self confidence to some degree. It's not an easy thing to do for some of them but they're getting better all the time and his continual prattling away about things helps to move them in the right direction. Enough so that he actually gets them all dolled up and outside for a meal at a restaurant. In public. That's significant for these people.

What is even more surprising is the situation that plays out with Inari and Shu. The two have been out together for drinks and she's definitely playing him as time goes on, but she takes it to a whole new level when she drops a drug in his drink which puts him to sleep pretty damn fast. Her carting him up to her place is definitely amusing, but she's playing an interesting game in trying to get pictures of the two of them in bed together. Of course, as is the case in a situation like this with someone like Inari, the lighting is bad and she can't quite get the right picture she wants for it. Seeing her frantically trying to set the mood for the picture, including unbuttoning his shirt, is both creepy and hilarious at the same time. A delicate balance to be sure.

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