Shiki Episode #17 Anime Review

The psychological side of this series has been strong from the start and this episode is no less so on a few levels. Having it open with Seishin confronting a dream version of Toshio over what needs to be done empowers him to start being proactive. And at the same time, he confronts Natsuno's friend who had killed him as he was pressured into everything under threat of his family being killed. Having the Shiki operate on this level where they push and prod people into things, rather than just outright continual attacks, adds a really interesting level of subtlety to everything. They could just do a rampage, but they're using pressure to twist and control minds into their own plans.

The deaths continue to be powerful and continuing along the entire village. It's amusing to see Toshio whittling away at stakes to use against the Shiki, but the darkness is very apparent when it comes to Seishin. When he discovers that his father had written a letter of invitation to the Kirishiki family head, essentially inviting them to come and take him in his room but to leave the others of the household alone, you can see the pain clearly in his stillness and expression. Playing that scene out with the visuals of his elderly father and the slow typing is decidedly creepy and yet very much heartwarming at the same time since he's doing this in order to protect his family as best as he can. That will leave scars in Seishin's heart to be sure.

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