Sora No Otoshimono Forte Episode #09 Anime Review

Considering the more serious nature of recent episodes, it's not a surprise to find Sora No Otoshimono Forte playing more to the silly side this time around as they deal with a festival. A festival of fun of course with lots and lots of fanservice. It's the kind of episode that starts off with a yo-yo kind of event by having lots of buxom girls in a pool, in bikini's, bouncing up and down against their will. It's so dirty, so Tomoki, that it's positively hilarious watching it play out. Having all of them tied up inside it and then having the guys leap in, tied themselves, to rope up their prize is the kind of contest that needs to go worldwide.

The first half of the episode is dedicated to this game and the way it plays out, with such things as Nymph being considered a minnow of a catch compared to some of the other whoppers. There's a great sequence where Sugata and Tomoki go hunting for a legendary whopper which harkens back to classic seafaring material. Of course, transposing the great fish with a massive pair of breasts in a bikini top takes it to the next level, as does having Tomoki writing a letter to Ikaros that she reads about him proposing to her when he gets back, yet not being able to because of the hunt for the great legendary whopper. It's a cute bit of simple drama that gets played out here that's done purely as comedy and manages to work on some strange level.

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