Fortune Arterial Episode #08 Anime Review

Fortune Arterial starts off dark this time around and goes for the perfect bit of humor. With a vampire sighting of sorts in the middle of the night on campus, the student body is all a flutter about there being vampires on the grounds. When the student council meets, most of which is made up by vampires, the president says the whole thing is baseless and that he'd love to see a vampire. And proceeds to look in the mirror and mock freaks out. It's exactly the kind of reaction that feels right, as opposed to being overly serious right from the start. Though these guys have their histories, a sense of humor among vampires continues to be rare. At least decent humor. Fortune Arterial sets the mood perfectly here as it shifts into the more serious side.

While they can be light at first, they have to take it seriously since it can hamper or ruin their way of life at the school. With the rumors going strong and a lot of the people around there taking it seriously, the four head off into the night to try and track down this mysterious person if it's true. While much of the series to date has been high school based fun with the edge of vampires and the choice that Kohei has to make, it hasn't done all that much with the action side. Which is why this episode stands out so well as they give over a good part of it, comparatively, to a chase scene when they do find the person responsible. It's very engaging to watch as the night time period and the flow of the chase, which is largely quiet outside of the music, has a feeling of intensity about it.

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