Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #21 Anime Review

With Ryner and Ferris back together, part of what makes this show enjoyable at times is in force since the two riff off of each other so well. While dark and nefarious things are afoot in Gastark with death and murder abound, Ryner and Ferris have a quite light moment at the start where they meet up with Sion again after awhile and he's all set to give them lots of paper work to deal with. And because Sion is as crafty as he is, he's manipulated everything to ensure they don't get out of the office he's working in. It's all a bit of fooling around though in order for Sion to simply be happy that Ryner is back, safe and sound. But even though he's glad, there's an undercurrent of sadness in Sion over events and Ryner's return.

A good part of this episode is also given over to Milk who has certainly suffered as of late since her capture and manipulation by Miran. Returning to the world of the present in her mind, she's definitely devastated through what she learns is the fallout of recent actions which has left her with people close to her dead. The flashbacks are decent and paint a difficult life for her at times, which seems to be something of a constant for her even though she tries to portray a hard yet positive image to others. Getting her back on her feet and coping with her pain is the main point for her now so she can be potentially instrumental in the endgame that is coming up.

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