Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #33 Anime Review

Lag visits the town of Blue Notes Blues, steeped in the legend of the Maka, the mysterious creature deeply connected to Niche. The people in town witnessed someone like Noir heading into a cave, however the Mayor, Khari Tonov, tells them that cave is where the Maka lives and is dangerous, and entry is forbidden no matter who it may be. But despite this, at Niche's suggestion, Lag heads toward the cave wanting to find out more about what Noir was up to...

What Noir was up to, though, soon becomes of secondary interest. Yes, Niche is originally from Blue Notes Blues - but the locals, rather fearful of what a half-human, half-Maka creature could be, opted to dispose of her and her twin sister by tossing them off a cliff while they were still babies. Yes, they're full of compassion in this part of the world. Niche, as we know, ended up on the freakshow circuit, while her sister ended up in the care of the Maka - a god to the locals, but a god who has failed to show itself for the past two hundred years, having lost interest in the affairs of petty humans.

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