Squid Girl Episode #08 Anime Review

Considering she's a creature from under the sea, Squid Girl has done well in her time on the surface by not coming down with anything. It'd be easy to believe she'd be susceptible to things that we aren't, or can largely fend off easily, so when she gets a bit under the weather, she can't quite understand why. It takes her down a few pegs, but it's definitely cute in how she plays it up and tries to come across worse than she actually is. So much so that she insists the only thing that can save her at this point is to eat lots and lots and lots of shrimp. That and a lot of rest will get her back on track, something that Eriko can't quite believe but Squid Girl is acting so childish that you can't help but to give into her a bit. So when Eriko messes with her on it, it's priceless since it just shows how well she's actually feeling.

Where Squid Girl gets interesting is when a couple of the kids tease her about her sandcastle ability and then get a bit more on her about her poor choice of hat. It turns out that it's not actually a hat but rather her fins, though she doesn't use them all that much. In fact, she hasn't used them at all in the show yet and what little she uses them here causes her to cramp them rather easily. Her view of them is quite comical, especially as she insists they'll grow huge someday and she can fly using them, but it's all minor compared to the way she makes little squick squick sounds with them by moving them just a little bit, like some people wiggle their ears.

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