Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #09 Anime Review

Things are tense at the Tesla Reich Institute in Colorado, as they have lost contact with all other Federation bases in North America. As there is no other choice, the staff plan to evacuate the prototypes and research to the Hiryuu Kai as soon as possible. Sadly, they do not seems to be quick enough, as the enemy already approaches. They do not intend to destroy the center, as they want to capture the research materials intact. As the transport attempts to escape, the lead unit of the aliens, piloted by a man calling himself Vigagi, appears in the transport's path and orders them all to surrender. Being questions who he is, he gives his name and reveals who exactly, sort of, these aliens are. They note that they are not like the Aerogaters, who come from Balmar. His people claim to be civilization inspectors. Thus, the Earthlings may refer to them as The Inspectors. The name of the show is finally revealed, at least.

Just when things look their worst, with Ibis Douglas shot down and Vigagi having it all his way, about to shoot down Sleigh Presty, another unit appears, the GuarBein, along with its somewhat overdramatic pilot, Rätsel Feinschmeker. Rätsel saves the day, as his unit has abilities that are in excess of the normal units available, able to knock Vigagi off his feet. The transports escape, though Vigagi is not too concerned, as his primary mission was the secure the research facility. As the Tesla team retreats, Rätsel joins them, but one of the girls seems to recognize him by another name, "Elzam." Sleigh is upset that her brother stayed behind at the Institute, but there was something there that had to be left behind, which the aliens cannot be allowed to find.

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