Otome Yokai Zakuro Episode #09 Anime Review

Otome Yokai Zakuro has definitely taken a turn of the more serious recently, which is saying something since the show plays it close to real in its own way and that has kept it from being about silly spirits and outlandish situations. The focus on the characters has been stellar and while that means it may move slowly at times, it has a very warm and real feel to it that allows you to connect to them in a very strong way. Some of what's happened has resulted in a bit of punishment for some, though it's restricted to just the military members side and in the end isn't all that bad.

The focus on this episode involves a spirit known as a kokkuri who has been causing trouble in the area lately as young girls go to it for help in the love department. The revelation that such a spirit is out there at this time means you can almost see the wheels turning inside some of the girls heads, especially after recent events where people have been together a whole lot outside of the view of others. The case is apparently serious enough as Lt. Hanadate arrives to get involved in it because of how it's causing people to go missing and may have larger designs going on that aren't plainly obvious at this stage.

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