Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Episode #22 Anime Review

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan has been moving rather well as of late, though the previous episode didn't exactly shine after the stellar Inugami attack episode. The series continues to have an odd feel to it though even at this stage where it's hard to tell who is in charge of the production. Events have slowed down again here at the start and we even get a very odd scene with the train pulling into the station where it's all done through CG and has several stationary people on the platform that just looks bad. Really bad, in fact. Nura hasn't been a high point for its animation but it's been consistently decent to above average in key scenes and in the Inugami episode as a whole that going back to something like this feels like it's gone back about ten years.

This episode spends more time on the setup of events, which is strange since there are only two more episodes left after this, where the Shikoku folks have made their first move and launched an attack on the Chichibo location. We've seen the disarray that the Nura clan has largely been in for awhile with its succession issues and the lack of a really strong leader in Rikuo for a good while that it's no surprise that someplace can be taken down easily. Still, clan bonds are strong and at least one yokai from there has risked it all to get back to the head of the clan so as to fill them in on it. It's a decent enough piece to start things rolling and getting everyone on the same page, and making it clear how close the enemy is overall, but there is such a lack of urgency on peoples parts that it's almost infuriating to watch.

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