Hell Girl: Three Vessels Collection 2 Anime DVD Review

Hell Girl has certainly been a more difficult show to get into with this season for a couple of reasons. The first was that Ai herself was largely absent from events for awhile as they went through the idea of her watching events through Yuzuki's eyes and then coming out of her like a cocoon to do the deed that needs to be done. The other is that, as covered in the previous review, the stories told here are much darker and far less sympathetic as people go through requests that are being granted when you feel they shouldn't be. It's hard to be alright with a lot of them because so many innocents are being hurt and taken out in such cruel ways. Some of them make out a bit better by just being ferried, but a lot go through things in a bad way. A lot of this set focuses on these kinds of stories but there's also a recurrent theme. Revenge by those who were wronged by other acts of revenge. As we've seen before, the Hell Link is a vicious circle that causes a whole lot of other acts of anger and banishments visited upon those that were affected by it. When someone is banished, there is a good chance that because of the well known nature of the Hell Link that someone can put two and two together to figure out who may have caused it to happen. It all becomes more tragic, similar to the incident where the entire town was sucked up into the Link because of it.

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