Robogeisha Blu-ray Review

Robogeisha. How can you not want to check a movie with a title like that. Coming from the man who brought out the legendary Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl, Robogeisha brings an amusing level of violence and sexuality to the screen as it deals with sibling rivalry gone wrong. With a film like this, everything is on the table and you can't tell where it's going to go when it gets rolling. And when it does get going, you can't be quite sure where it's going to go with the crazy visuals and action. Or just how sexualized it might all get.

The world of geishas is a tough one as we see here where Kikuyakko is one of the very attractive geishas in a particular house who is doing her best to woo the wealthy men. She's very confident in her abilities and looks and she spends her off time abusing and talking down to her younger sister Yoshie. Yoshie's the ugly duckling of the two, not that you could truly tell by looking at her, and her ways invariably get her in trouble. When Kikuyakko is in the midst of performing for the son of a very wealthy steel magnate, Yoshie causes a problem that has her crashing through the wall and spreading chaos in the room that serves only to embarrass her elder sister. When the son sees this play out afterward when Kikuyakko is abusing her sister, he gets the idea that Yoshie may have something more to her with the way she handles herself and her innate power.

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