Rainbow Episode #23 Anime Review

Chance encounters are the way of life and sometimes they can bring out interesting revelations that you don't really think about. The start of this episode has Turtle doing his basic selling and marketing of goods that catches the eye of an old man. The guy just wants to bum a cigarette off of him since Turtle won't sell him them by the singles and the two have an interesting, quiet little bonding moment. Enough so that when the guy says he wants his address so he can get one more off of him before he dies, Turtle gives him his actual address. Something that even the other guys from the reformatory days don't even know, which Mario mentions oh so casually.

Turtle's story takes some interesting turns here as he learns that Lilly will be heading to America soon to be with her soldier as he's been reassigned back to the States. He's intent on getting out of the black market anyway so it works out for Turtle to try and figure out what to do next, though being teased with the idea of going to America himself is powerful. Where it gets really interesting is that he's been feeling ill lately and is starting to have flashbacks to when his parents had died in the atomic blast, something he was caught in as well. The thought that the issues from that are finally catching up to him is difficult for him to believe, but the evidence continues to mount. Seeing the flashbacks to those days, the powerful imagery of it all, says a lot about what Turtle has experienced and reshapes views on him.

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