Naruto: Shippuden Episode #189 Anime Review

The world of Naruto has a whole lot of variety to it and we've seen the summoned creatures that are fairly interesting over time, such as the frog style ones. Naruto gives us another flashback story to Naruto's younger days that deals with cats. Or more specifically, a nekomata reflecting on a long passed experience with Naruto when he was teamed up with Sasuke and Sakura who plainly still dislike him. The mission has the gang heading off to see 'Granny Cat' in order to start the mission that she's requested which has them collecting the last cat paw print for an encyclopedia that she's been putting together which originally belonged to Sasuke and his brother.

That almost sounds wrong considering most of what we've seen between the brothers relationship is filled with anger and violence. Going back to when they were younger and hunting up cats in order to gain paw prints from them shows them having fun together and filled with lots of smiles from them as they go about the basics of it. It's amusing that they went from alley cats to mountain lions and more over time to something even more difficult in the last remaining one, the Nekomata of the underworld, a cat ninja. And you know, I was fine with the episode until it got to that point. A cute tale of finishing out a mission of sorts from the brother's past could be a nice way of humanizing both a bit more and showing some of Sasuke's angst in the present of this time period. But the cat ninjas really kills it for me.

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