The World God Only Knows Episode #09 Anime Review

The World God Only Knows brings about something in this episode that most any bibliophile would love as it shows off the academy's library. With Elsie being Elsie and causing trouble in a most basic way, since she's not really from this world, she decides to head there to gain some common sense that Keima tells her she doesn't have. And Elsie being Elsie, she comes across a kids picture book on fire engines and just falls in love with it. Her charms as a simple girl are rather strong, though sometimes she pushes it too far. Here, she just comes across as cute and it's an experience that leads her to the latest loose soul.

A lot of the episode is devoted to the feel of the library itself and the way the newly introduced Shiori feels so at home within the world of books and without having to interact with others. She's very off-put by Elsie's personality from the start with her inquisitive and upbeat nature but she's also hesitant when it comes to Keima. There's a really good feeling around her as we see her in the library and get the internal monologue about how she feels so happy with books which when tied with the music is kind of infectious. I can completely understand her position, having been there myself in a big way around the same age, but her personality makes her a real challenge for Keima to deal with in order to get the loose soul out.

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