Princess Jellyfish Episode #07 Anime Review

The previous episode had a lot of fun events to it, though the standout in my mind is still seeing how Inari seduced Shu and then took advantage of him and up through his reaction to all of it. Inari's doing her best to get the agreements she wants and the position she can get for the project and will go the distance for it. Her character is definitely a cold one, with a real hot streak that she uses to advance her agenda, so seeing the more real version of her in the meetings on cements all of it. Especially when she then goes to the apartment complex and comes across as all pleasant and sweet.

When Inari and Kuranosuke come across each other at the apartment, it's amusing how much it incenses Kuranosuke. So much so that he ends up insisting that they're going to buy the building from the owner so that it doesn't get sold to the development project. It's not exactly the most well thought out plan but it is the kind that you can see this group trying to put together and with Kuranoksuke leading it since he's got the family ties to a lot of money. Kuranosuke's approach with his father to try and do something is definitely in the style you'd expect, though it's just one of several angles he's trying to use in order to save the complex from Inari and her group.

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