Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #22 Anime Review

The Legend of Legendary Heroes wants to have a bit of fun with Ryner again as he's thrown into a bad situation pretty much right from the start as Duke Leiral whacks him. It's not an unusual situation when one of your leads is hit hard and taken down almost from the start and then shift to other things. That this one moves to Sion and his growing anger over things and a look at the angst and trouble of his land, it again points to the herky jerky nature of this series in that it doesn't exactly have a lot of focus on things. I've liked Sion's story from thestart but it's been all over the map for so long that it's almost incoherent.

A good chunk of the episode is given over to Ryner's story when he's thrust into this other world where little really makes sense. While physics are pretty much the same as the real world, it's a visual piece that really goes al over the place that works well and certainly delights in how it's presented. Ryner's confusion within it is obvious as he interacts with different people that exist within it, but the whole thing feels like a forced introspective moment for Ryner that really doesn't connect. We've gone back to Ryner's past a couple of times in different ways and presenting it here again doesn't really feel like it adds all that much.

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