Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Episode #10 Anime Review

When Panty and Stocking are daft enough to fall for a trap that shrinks them to tiny proportions (sadly unseen), Brief is the sucker chosen to look after their tiny needs - although it seems that, regardless their size, the amount of trouble the sisters can cause is just about constant. At first, Brief is happy to help, but as the girls' attitude gets worse and worse, Brief reaches the limits of his tolerance. Later, we get a look at the world through the eyes of the ever-abused Chuck - who's been having a few adventures of his own, it seems...

No Scanty, no Kneesocks (although their pooch does make an appearance), no Mayor. Barely any spoken lines for Panty and Stocking in their adult forms. And not two segments, or three or four, but five - in a 25-minute (less OP/ED) episode. What's going on here, then..?

As ever with Panty and Stocking, the answer is "something different". Five segments into 25 minutes makes for short, sharp segments with very little in the way of story, even by the show's usual standards - the first is the P&S take on Inner Space, with Brief's internal organs playing host to two very troublesome angels in a series of slapstick sight gags, while Garterbelt does his best to get them out of there ("Have faith in me! And my Vaseline!" - words you really don't want to hear, there). Of the 5 parts, it's the nearest to being "traditional" Panty & Stocking, if there is such a thing, and it's as fun as you'd expect.

The next three parts dispose of our angelic heroines in favour of their put-upon pooch Chuck, who gets a series of three adventures on his own - the first a skit that could well have been inspired by Itchy and Scratchy as Chuck and his Scanty & Kneesocks-owned counterpart do their best to do each other a terminal injury; the second, a trip to the hospital ward while Chuck recovers from his injuries, presented in very annoying faux-3D spin-around-'o'-vision; and some black & white old-school Chuck suspense to round things off. The first part I enjoyed, as Itchy & Scratchy visual humour (or Looney Tunes, or Tom & Jerry for that matter) works for me - I have simple tastes - but by the time that was over I was already all Chucked out, and yet still had another two segments of him to go. Please make it stop...

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